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5 Important Things to Consider for Luxury Packaging

Luxury Packaging 2

Packaging is one of the biggest yet the most underrated aspects of most marketing strategies. Your brand’s packaging plays a much larger role in promoting it than you may realize. Putting product packaging under the same umbrella as your other branding activities is no longer optional because when carefully designed, a brand’s packaging can even outperform other advertising instruments. For luxury brands, this is even more accurate because how you package your products is a part of your brand’s overall communication. So, if you’re going for luxury packaging for your products, here are 5 important things that you may want to consider:

1. Sound

It may come as a surprise, but sound plays an important role in the whole shopping experience. This is especially true for luxury brands. Having a distinct and pleasing sound will help you stand apart from the rest of the brands. So, what do we mean by the ‘sound of packaging’? Well, to put simply, it’s any sound that your packaging makes. That can include anything from creaking hinge to the soft swoosh of the lid to cellophane crinkles. These sounds largely depend on the type of material you use. For a luxury brand, low-pitched, heavy sounds work better as they invoke a rich vibe.

2. Weight

Weight of your packaging primarily depends on the weight of the product you’re selling. A general rule is to make the packaging the similar weight as the product. So, if you have a product that weighs less, go with a light-weight packaging and if you have a heavier product, choose a packaging that weighs more. This is because heavier products require strong and sturdy packaging that will weigh more than usual. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Luxury brands can use a heavier packaging even for light-weight products because when done right, it gives a very opulent feel to it. So your packaging can include cushioning, padding, etc. for smaller products to give it a fancy

3. Color Contrast

If you’re going for a luxury look, choose your colors carefully. Although they may look good, but too many colors often result in a very loud design, and luxury packaging is all about subtlety. Picking a color scheme, creating beautiful contrasts, choosing rich looking colors and being consistent with your brand’s colors – all of them are a part of the process. There is no fixed rule, but darker colors such as dark blue or dark red, generally look better when paired with contrasting colors. However, your first priority should be to make your packaging consistent with your brand’s color scheme.

4. Embossing or Debossing

To create an impact, you have to go beyond the visual. Adding another dimension to your packaging is a good start. With embossing or debossing, you are essentially adding an instrument that will target not just vision, but the sense of touch as well. Whether you raise a pattern or add depth to another, if your packaging can be felt, it takes it to the next level. And for luxury brands, taking it to next level is what it’s all about.

5. Ease

All the amazing packaging designs in the world will lose their charm if they can’t be opened easily. As a luxury brand, you have to find a balance between a safe packaging and one that is easy to open. If opening your package becomes a chore then it’s going to hurt your brand’s image, even if your design is phenomenal. So if your packaging includes ribbons, make sure they can slide like silk. If it includes a lid, make sure it can be opened without too much force. The focus should be on making the whole experience as smooth as possible.

At Luxury Printing, we have a wide range of amazing packaging options and techniques that can take your brand to a whole new level. Our team of experts has years of experience behind them in luxury printing and can help you find the perfect packaging option for your brand. Get in touch today!