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Lamination | Luxury Printing

UV Coating & Film Lamination

Lamination is the technique of creating protection for printed surfaces against external influences such as scratches, moisture, dirt, sunlight, fingerprints or other contaminants. Lamination can give your photos, cards, posters or other printed projects a longer lifespan, keeping them in perfect condition as long as required.

We offer 2 types of lamination at Luxury Printing:

  • UV coating – the printed surface is dried by exposure to UV radiation
  • Film lamination – a layer of plastic film is applied over a printed surface

The type of material you need protected will define the type of lamination required. Our dedicated team will help curate the desired effect you require with your lamination job with a guarantee that whichever method you choose, your materials will be thoroughly protected.

Create a long lasting, printed project of the finest quality, protected by perfect lamination.

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    Need Help?

    If you don’t have all the information you need for your project don’t worry, just fill out as much of this form as you can and we can contact you directly to discuss further details of your project. If you require artwork for your project one of our team of graphic designers is here to help you.