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Beautiful bespoke printed products using only the finest materials

Luxury business cards

– invitations, stationery & more. Crafted in New York. Worldwide shipping.

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Modern business cards by Luxury Printing TM

We create beautiful custom printing products with worldwide shipping. From beautiful metal business cards milled with incredible detail, to crafted wood cards & invitations using ultra-fine wood veneers, luxurious stationery printed on the finest paper stocks as well as bespoke packaging & foils.

We offer the widest range of luxury printing options as well as state-of-the-art digital & offset printing for all the convenience & flexibility you need, with the high quality finish you expect. We are a New York business that prides itself on delivering the highest quality bespoke printing products. Located in the heart of New York City, we are specialists in letterpress, foil-stamping, engraving, embossing, die-cutting and thermography, our products are printed on the finest quality card stocks with attention to detail.

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Finest Quality

Our unique, bespoke modern business cards are made using the finest metals & alloys machined & crafted at our facility in New York.

Worldwide Delivery

We ship with UPS to any destination in the world offering piece of mind with guaranteed day-definite shipping.

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Shop with piece of mind. This site is secured with 2048 bit SSL encryption & our payments are powered by Stripe.

Expert Team

Got a question? Chat live with one of our expert team who can help guide you through our entire print process.

The trusted printer of some of the world’s most recognized brands.

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Luxury Business Cards FAQs

What are raised printing business cards?

Raised print is a way of printing images or letters so that they stand out or rise above the surrounding surface. It creates a pleasant tactile effect that gives depth and character to a flat sheet. It gives your products an elegant and professional look and improves the overall impression. There are several ways to create this impression. At Luxury Printing, we offer improved printing by stamping and thermography. Thermographic printing refers to two printing methods. The first method covers paper with a material that changes color under the influence of high temperatures. It is often used in fax machines or any form of receipt printing. At Luxury Printing we also offer thermal transfer printing, which melts the ribbon directly onto the project.

Is laser cutting right for metal business cards?

Laser cutting is the most efficient modern method used in graphic design and printing due to its speed and surgical precision. It is available to cut a wide range of paper and cards with fast and luxurious results. At Luxury Printing, our laser cutting machines are state of the art, offering smart and intricate sculptures, figures and patterns, giving you a wide range of creative possibilities and endless possibilities. At Luxury Printing, we can produce any project your heart desires. We are here to help you realize even the most original creations with our dedicated and professional staff and advanced tools and installations. We offer a complete laser cutting service that includes a wide range of papers and maps. We recommend laser cutting on our metal cards range.

Do you offer edge painted luxury business cards?

Yes we do! Edge painting is the process by which colors are added to the sides of printed cards and pages. The process of edge painting begins when all text and graphics are printed on a map and the materials are cut to size. The cards are then stacked on a pillow press and compressed to provide a tight space between the cards, and then painted with a brayer roller. The final effect gives your cards an attractive and glamorous look, helping your cards stand out from the crowd. An edge can be painted in a color or a variety of colors that fade in a given sequence. At Luxury Printing we can even paint borders with aluminium foil or metallic paint. This colorful addition to your cards gives them an incredible, luxurious look and finish. We offer the heaviest and thickest cards, recommended for a better edge coloring.

What is foil stamping?

Hot stamping, also known as foil stamping, is a printing process consisting of transferring pigmented or metallic sheet to a flat surface using a heated and notched metallic plate. In essence, it is a dry printing process. The design is cut into a plate, which is then attached to the foil. The plate is then heated, which leaves a colored impression on the surface, mirroring the notched drawing on the plate. With relative ease and in a short time, a perfect pattern is created on a flat surface, ready to be applied to a variety of card stocks and materials. Luxury Printing has truly mastered this method of artistic printing and offers high quality printing on a wide range of products. We use metallic and pigmented sheets that give a glossy and appealing finish – some would say stunning – to all your printed products; ideal for decorating invitations, cards and boutique signage. Our modern equipment and highly qualified and professional staff will help you in this process.

Can you make a luxury business cards holder?

We’ve created a unique luxury business cards holder as a solid wooden box, perfectly cut to take a variety of different business card sizes. This box can have your logo custom printed on the front and is available in different colors and finishes. If you’re looking for a luxury business cards holder this box is the answer.

What's the difference between embossed & debossed cards?

Embossing is the process of creating raised patterns or letters on paperstock. Created by pressing a tightly a sheet of paper against two patterned plates which ‘molds’ the surface of the sheet. After the pressing is finished, the result allows parts of the sheet’s surface to be raised and protrude from the rest. This raised area forms a specific pattern or design, an imprint left behind by the pressing plate. The embossing can be an image, logo or text giving a unique finish to your printed product. Debossing uses the same printed press techniques as embossing, but whereas an embossed design is raised against the surface of the paper, a debossed pattern is sunk in to the surface of the paper, protruding from the reverse side. A metal die is stamped in to the front of the card or paper stock causing a depression or imprint of the design. This debossing can be left as is, known as blind deboss, or the depressed area can be filled with colored ink, giving a rich, luxurious finish, perfect with thick card stocks.

How do luxury business cards compare to regular cards?

Luxury business cards encompass higher quality card stocks and unique materials such as suede, cotton, duplex, triplex, wood, plastic and metal business cards. The sky is the limit in terms of materials and design, but when people refer to luxury business cards they are often referring to the most popular cards which are duplex / triplex cards with painted edges. These are the thick and luxurious card stocks that are ideal for painting the edges of with bright colors or gold and silver foil. They are our most popular product and for good reason.

Should I die-cut my invitations?

Die cutting is a process where designs are cut from card or paper using a razor sharp steel blade that is shaped in to the artwork design. The shapes for die cutting are infinite; squares, circles, curves, holes, ladder covers, turning angles, even sharp edges. At Luxury Printing, we offer professional and elegant die cutting services in a wide range of custom and non-standard products. Die cutting provides an extremely sharp, smooth edge cut that can involve intricately small details, giving your work a special look that cannot be achieved with standard scissor cutting and guillotines. We can help you in the process of adding a sophisticated die cutting design to your invitations or business cards. Talk to one of our employees today.

Do you make letterpress business cards?

For this exquisite taste of prestige, Luxury Printing offers letterpress printing. Letterpress printing is a time-tested relief printing technique using a printing machine; a process in which multiple copies can be produced by multiple direct ink prints raised by a surface from sheets of cardboard or paper. First, the composition is created by blocking moving blocks of the “bed” or “chasing” type from the press. These blocks are then covered with ink and then pressed against them with paper to transfer ink from the type block to the paper. There is a widely used expression in the printing world called “an impression”, and with our traditional printing methods, each sheet of paper is literally made, leaving an indelible impression.

Can you make luxury real estate business cards?

For whatever your needs, whatever your industry, trust Luxury Printing to handle your printing job. We’ve printed all sorts of luxury real estate business cards for realtors and salesman all over the country. For customers looking for that extra touch of luxury on their business cards, we offer a wide range of printing effects including thermography, embossing, foil stamping and letterpress. Etch out one of your property’s designs or your logo in to some metal cards. The sky is the limit for luxury real estate business cards.

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